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ESOS lifeline for non-compliant companies

Organisations that will be unable to meet the deadline for ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) audit submissions have been handed a reprieve by the Environment Agency.

The legal deadline of 5th December is still in place, but last month the Agency issued an amendment stating that companies will receive fines "only in the most serious cases" as long as they notify them of compliance by 29th January.

The amendment comes after a report in September revealed that only 1 per cent of qualifying companies had carried out an ESOS audit and that assessors were unlikely to be able to manage the outstanding number of audits by 5th December.

The ESOS initiative was introduced by the UK government to meet the demands of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive, which requires its member states to have large businesses conduct energy audits.

The Agency hopes that the extended deadline will spur energy managers into action and arrange an ESOS audit by the end of January. The penalty for non-compliance is as much as £50,000.

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